Gradinita Romano-Finlandeza Medias

About us


The Romanian-Finnish Kindergarten in Medias was founded by the Association for Entrepreneurial and Development Initiatives represented by Mrs. Andreea Marian under the guidance of Finnish education specialists.

The teaching methods used in our kindergarten are in accordance with the principles and philosophy of the Finnish educational system, one of the best in the world. The principles and values adopted from the Finnish educational system are matched with the national curricula regulated by the Romanian National Ministry of Education. Our mission is to provide pre-schoolers with the adequate resources in order to attain a child-oriented high profile education taking into account their backgrounds, needs, individualities and strengths. With a holistic view on children’s upbringing, development and learning, the educational methods used in our kindergarten are of high quality, practiced  by qualified people, trained and oriented towards interaction and team-work, capable of implementing innovative educational methods.

In our view, kindergarten is a child’s second home and family; it is a place where they spend more than half of the day learning and preparing for the upcoming school years. These are the reasons why our kindergarten is a place where even the smallest details are rigorously examined.

It is said that it takes a village to raise a child.  Thereforeanother important element borrowed from the Finnish philosophy is the close relation between kindergarten, families, civil society and local authorities. Besides teacher trainings and courses, we also organize family-learning activities guided by early childhood specialists from Finland, informative workshops and meetings with the representatives of local community and state institutions.

We are honoured and happy to have the support of Her ExcellencyPäivi Pohjanheimo, Ambassador of Finland in Romania.

Gradinita Romano-Finlandeza Medias

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Educational expert at the European Commission

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