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The Finnish educational system is one of the best in the world according to PISA. The principles and values ​​underpinning this success are models that will be followed and implemented in the Romanian educational system. Starting from the premise that education is the number one factor contributing to the stability and development of a society, the Finns have built and implemented an educational system characterized by professionalism, quality, personalized teaching methods to serve the individual needs of each child, respect and front concern children, society and the environment.

Constant training and teacher training and close collaboration between the educational and family institutions are the ingredients that contribute to ensuring the quality of the process of developing and learning children.

In our kindergarten we adapt the Finnish model to the national curriculum for pre-school education endorsed by the Ministry of Education. Thus, we ensure the preparation of the children for the school years following regardless of the system in which they will attend the courses.

Teaching is done in Romanian with optional German.

You can choose short, normal or prolonged schedule. Details on Educational Offer page.</a>

Our kindergarten educators have completed pedagogical training courses. Besides these, they regularly participate in training and improvement courses.

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The answer is YES. In the kindergarten there is a national curriculum for the pre-school education approved by the Ministry of Education.

Kindergarten provides lunch and 2 fruit snacks per day. Food is delivered in catering mode.

The Romanian-Finnish Medias Kindergarten is founded under the aegis of the Innovation Entrepreneurship and Development Association, which is a nonprofit activity. The monthly tuition fee represents 80% of the monthly expenses involved, the remaining 20% ​​being provided by the Association, Sponsorships, Donations.

The kindergarten menu is made and endorsed under the guidance of a specialist doctor. It includes all the food groups needed for the healthy development of children (poultry and fish including). There is an option for parents who want to choose a vegetarian menu.

Outdoor activity is one of the main pillars of our kindergarten philosophy. It is demonstrated that prolonged outdoor activities contribute significantly to the physical and mental health of children.

Children attending kindergarten classes spend every day 1-2 hours outside, either in the kindergarten or on the road (parks, forests, natural areas). Regardless of the season, children have this time outdoors, of course equipped appropriately for weather conditions