Andreea Marian

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Andreea Marian


Graduate of the Faculty of Letters and Arts Lucian Blaga from Sibiu, a translator at the base, Andreea began to be more interested in the importance of educating children when she learned she would become a mother. Since then, she has done many projects focusing on educating and raising children. Andreea is the founder of the Mana in Mana with Happiness project where she organized conferences with Medias and Sibiu with the most appreciated nationally specialized in education and relational health. She has also been in Parenting by Connection in the Hand Hand Parenting organization for over a year. Last year Media Center Hakuna Matata opened in Medias, which served as a day center for 12 children aged 2- 3 years.

The Finnish education system attracted curiosity, which soon turned into appreciation and passion. At present, under the guidance of the educational consultants in Finland, he founded the Finnish Finnish Kindergarten in Medias.

“The first years of life are the underlying bricks and form the form of adult life. Children’s education is not only done by the family but by all the people they come into contact with each day, especially at kindergarten. Kindergarten is for the 2 nd child, the educators and the 2 nd family, so it is important to carefully choose in which home and family we send our child almost daily. I have opted for a private kindergarten of Finnish inspiration for a number of reasons: getting closer to everything that is nature, practicing a healthy lifestyle, rigor and attention to the needs and skills of each individual in particular, the quality of the educational process, puts on how to teach the information. I think all children deserve an educational system to practice these principles, and I believe that the children of Medias deserve to have the chance of the alternative of an elite kindergarten. “