Mioara Marian

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Mioara Marian


Mioara is a graduate of the Faculty of Psychology, a Master in Clinical Psychology specialization, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist specializing in Ericksonian therapy and clinical hypnosis, psychodiagnostics, individual and family psychotherapy.

He began to study psychology as a second faculty. Experiencing the benefits of therapy personally has decided to pursue this profession. Her desire is to help people find answers to existential questions and especially to help children and adolescents with emotional and emotional difficulties and disorders (anxiety, depression, phobias), behavioral disorders (aggression, antisocial behavior), related difficulties sleep, difficulty in attention or learning. From this he dedicates himself totally to the hours at his private cabinet, but at the same time he engages in volunteer acts targeting children from disadvantaged families, children with special needs and children with autistic spectrum disorders.

Mioara tells a lot about hypnotherapy that dresses for children the form of stories, the therapeutic metaphors communicated through fairy tales that transform child and adolescent psychotherapy into a successful process