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Fair and non-discriminating treatment

Child’s interest on the first place

– Child’s right to live and fully develop

– Close and warm personal relationships

– Joy of learning and gaining knowledge

– Leadership and team-work skills

– Self-discipline and inner balance

– Sustained development and training

– Understanding and right to freedom of opinion and expression

– Respect towards child’s culture, language and religion

– Promoting and ensuring child’s well being (the attention is focused on each individual; this allows each child to act and develop according to his/her personality)

– Inspire adequate behaviour and actions towards others (kids learn to take others into consideration and to care for those around them; children are positive towards themselves, others and the environment. In this way we contribute to the development of a healthy and functional society)

– Gradually building up independence (our aim is to help children become adults capable to take care of themselves, to make the right decisions and the best choices when it comes to their lives)

– Care, education and learning as a whole

– Close cooperation between the main players responsible for children’s education

– Expression through art and creation

– Instil a healthy life style

– Concern for the environment

– Ensuring special support

– Safety, respect, development

– Concern for a healthy physical and mental development

– Orientation towards content, logical and critical thinking

– Community spirit

– Innovation

– Support and assistance for children with special needs